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Niki Taylor is one of the world's top supermodels, known around the world simply as Niki.   However, she differs from the majority of supermodels in that she is down-to-earth and able to draw the line between her personal life and her business affairs.   There are very few people outside of Niki's family that know all of the details about Niki's personal life.

Niki started in modeling at the age of 14.   She landed some test shoots in the Miami area when the Taylor family submitted some playful photographs of Niki dressed up in lipstick and eyeshadow.   It was during those test shoots that a fashion photographer noticed her.   A year later, Niki became the youngest model ever to appear on the cover of Vogue.   At 17, Niki Taylor became the youngest spokesmodel to sign an exclusive contract with Cover Girl, to the tuen of $2.4 million.

Niki has accomplished an incredible amount in her career so far.   She has appeared on over 200 magazine covers, a number that continues to grow nearly every month.   Niki has quickly become one of the world's top supermodels, with her beauty, body, and charm.   Niki has graced runways all over Europe and America, modeling many, many lines of designer clothing.   Niki has also released 3 calendars.

Niki Taylor is one of the very few supermodels who have been able to steer clear of modeling's fast lane.   For Niki, her work is just that -- work.   Its not her life.   When not on photo shoots, Niki is at home, caring for her children.   She enjoys spending her time outdoors doing such things as going to a private beach, jetskiing, hydroslyding, scuba diving, and water sports in general.   A lot of Niki's time is indeed taken up by her two boys.   Even though she has a nanny to help out, she still spends most of her time caring for her children.   She squeezes in runway appearances, swimsuit shoots, and calendar shoots.


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